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 Bee Movie

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[color=#cc0099]Bee Movie [/color]


Title: Ghost In The Shell

Language: Japanese

Length: 1 hour 22 minutes

Quality: High Definition (720p)

Subtitles: English, Romanian, Swedish, French, Italian, Spanish,
Portuguese, German, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovenian, Estonian

Video Format: MKV

Synopsis: In a near future, technology has firmly taken root into
society at large. Cybernetic implants are nothing uncommon and robots
roam as plentiful as humans, all connected through their ''ghosts'' to
the electronic datastreams of the net. Major Motoko Kusanagi and the
Public Security Section 9 find themselves in a constant battle with the
newly created wave of technological terrorists and cyber-hackers. But
things take a turn once Motoko gets involved in a certain case
involving an extremely dangerous ''ghost'' hacker nicknamed the
Puppetmaster, as she dives deeper and deeper into the limitless reality
of the net, to reach her own startling conclusions.

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Bee Movie
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